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English Wine Rampant Horse

White Horse Rampant, a symbol of Kent, a symbol of victory, also known as Invicta. This wine, named Rampant Horse represents a victory over the elements. A victory over time. It represents a small Kent vineyard that has been lovingly (and victoriously) returned to production following a period of 'forgotten' years. Returning, quite triumphantly, with an eloquent, lightly fragrant summer wine, whispering delicate fruit flavours of green apple, elderflower and gooseberry and a clean, crisp finish. Delicious and refreshing when enjoyed on its own, it is also beautifully paired with summer salads, chicken, fish and shellfish.


Also coming soon is Kent Vineyard Elderberry Wine, produced from the elderberries that surround the vineyard. It's deep, mellow and fruity, a delicious taste of late summer.


We're proud of our first wine, named Rampant Horse after the horse in Kent's flag. It's available now in our chosen boutique, Gorgeous George, in Tonbridge, Kent. Here's what the label says.