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When we began resurrecting a secret Kent vineyard in October 2009, we did it with one clear mission: to create an unpretentious, self-respecting working vineyard; producing quality grapes, for quality English wine.

The word spread and interest grew, communities of enthusiasts, producers of wine from England, winemakers from around the world and many other good people took notice, gave advice and wished us well. We realised very quickly that we love caring for our vineyard in Kent and producing local Kent wine, it’s a delight we are privileged to experience and a privilege we invite other ‘vine-lovers’ to share.


Through our Cheery Days Wine Events  we provide the opportunity for people to share our passion and join us in the vineyard. Vineyard experiences enable people to get involved with production, learn about vine care throughout the seasons, the essence of wine making and, of course, share the wine produced.


The Vineyard



Bacchus wine has a strong and distinctive aromatic flavour. The grapes offer  high sugar content and bacchus is often found as a single varietal wine. It is common in Germany and enjoys considerable success as an English wine, described by many as having Sauvignon Blanc character and when riper, tends towards Sancerre. Well-made Bacchus wines age well and develop interesting flavours, capable of world-class status wines.


Parentage: (Silvaner x Riesling) x Müller-Thurgau

Seyval Blanc


Seyval Blanc is a heavy cropper with good disease resistance, harvests are bountiful and high quality even in cooler years. Developed in the 1920’s in France, ‘Seyval’ is now widely grown in England and the east coast of the USA. It can be used for blending, is well suited to oak aging and often used in the production of sparkling wines. Single varietal wines offer crisp acidity, with quite neutral flavours.


Parentage: Seibel 5656 x Seibel 4986


Our vineyard, located near Goudhurst and Cranbrook in Kent, is a little off the beaten track, away from the noise of traffic, five acres of vines surrounded on three sides by woodlands.


We have three grape varieties, Bacchus, Schönburger and Seyval Blanc.





Schönburger grapes produce white wines with low acidity and high sugar levels, distinctive, full-bodied and delicately flavoured, with good Muscat tones. When fully ripe the grape is beautiful in appearance, with soft pink tinge.


Parentage: Pinot Noir x (Chasselas Rosé x Muscat Hamburg)

Kent Vineyard is operated by Richard and Justin, with help from our families and friends. We’ve been friends all our lives, literally since we were babies, yet as we’ve worked together to restore the vineyard in Kent into production, our friendship has grown stronger. It’s been a journey for us both and along the way we have developed a deep passion for English wine, while learning the fascinating world of vine care and wine making.


We both have other professions, Justin is a landscape gardener, with qualifications in horticulture. Richard is a writer, working mostly with companies that need assistance in drafting text for their sales and marketing literature.



Richard & Justin The People